About me.

Currently CEO of Waymont. 22 years old. Here’s my background: 

  • 2023: Onboarded our first $10mm into Waymont.
  • 2022: Began building Waymont and did a small pre-seed raise.
  • 2021: Grew Rari Capital to $1.5bn AUM, led its exit to Tribe for $375mm.
  • 2020: Started Rari Capital and grew it to $95mm AUM. Started at USC.
  • 2019: Led MyCrypto as VP of Strategy.
  • 2018: Ambo was acquired by MyCrypto.
  • 2017: Began Ambo, a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • 2016: Worked for Sean Parker’s latest company and discovered crypto.
  • 2015: Started Freelancing for companies like Oreo.
  • 2014: Published my first iPhone app.
  • 2013: Published my first Minecraft mod.

January 5, 2022: I participated in a discussion with Bankless to discuss the biggest protocol merge ever.

December 21, 2021: Coindesk writes about the Rari <> Tribe merge passing as the first DAO merge

November 23, 2021: Yahoo News writes about the proposed Tribe <> Rari merge

October 13, 2021: I join Bankless to discuss The Rise of Rari Capital

July 26, 2021: I join Yunt Capital to discuss The Future of Rari Capital

July 21, 2021: I talk to Money.com about Gen Z and how to think about finance

March 2, 2021: DailyTrojan publishes IYA freshman co-creates cryptocurrency company

November 26, 2020: Launching the autonomous philanthropy machine within Rari Capital

August 3, 2020: Forbes writes about Rari Capital and how we work (as teens in a crazy industry)

July 14, 2020: Launching Rari Capital (DeFi Rate, The Defiant, CoinTelegraph, The Block)

June 9, 2020: The announcement of Rari Capital (Finance Magnates, FinTech Direct, 3News)

January 24, 2019: The sale of my company, Ambo (ETHNews, Bizjournal, Coinjournal, Finance Magnates, Breaking news headline, BTC News Hub)

November 26, 2018: The introduction of Ambo to the world

May 12, 2017: Attending Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference as a Student Scholar

June 22, 2015: Podcast discovering game development

May 31, 2015: Discussing my coding abilities